Maintenance Requirements For Decorative Panels on Furniture

Maintenance Requirements For Decorative Panels on Furniture

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Decorative panels are a popular option for wall decor. They can hide imperfections, and come in a wide range of finishes. However, they can also be susceptible to damage and staining.

Ensure your panels are regularly dusted with a lint free cloth or feather duster. Vacuuming is also a great idea to keep them dust free.


Wall panels are becoming a popular trend in home interiors because they add texture, depth and character to a space. Although they are durable and maintenance-friendly, they can be prone to wear and tear over time if not cleaned properly.

The most important maintenance activity for decorative wall panelling is to regularly dust it with a dry cloth or vacuum it. This removes dust, dirt and other debris from the surface of the panels to prevent it from becoming stuck in nooks and crannies and detracting from their appearance.

When cleaning a decorative wooden panel, it is best to use specialized furniture polish cleaners or natural wax, rather than washing-up liquid or other household products. These contain oils that can leave a residue on non-porous wood surfaces and may cause the wood to discolor over time. Always test the product on a small section of the furniture in an out-of-sight area to ensure that it will not damage the surface.


Wall panels with patterns are good at hiding dirt stains but can also accumulate dust over time. They can be cleaned with a feather duster or soft cloth but they are best vacuumed daily for maintenance. Most decorative finishes, including fabric, laminate and patterned paper can fade with prolonged exposure to sunlight. They can be kept from fading by keeping them away from windows and doors and by using curtains or blinds to soften the light.

Similarly, upholstered furniture takes a lot of wear and tear but is easy to keep clean with regular vacuuming. The trick is to use the upholstery attachment with a low suction setting to prevent dirt from becoming embedded in the fibers and making the fabric harder to remove. Vacuuming regularly will also reduce the frequency of spot cleaning and help extend the lifespan of your furniture.

Moisture Control

Decorative panels can be made of a variety of materials, including solid wood and engineered wood products. Many of these materials are moisture-resistant, which makes them a good choice for high humidity rooms. However, these types of paneling must be acclimated before being used in a room. Otherwise, they may warp or become prone to pests and mold.

Changes in relative humidity cause shrinkage and swelling of all materials, including wood. When the face veneer of a panel is not acclimated to these changes, it can be subject to stress failures known as “veneer checks.” These appear as regularly spaced hairline cracks that are perpendicular to the grain of the wood, and they can also include ridges in the surface of the face.

Veneer checks often occur when a manufacturer does not properly acclimate the panel components in an environmentally controlled environment. Sometimes, the wood may be stored in a warehouse where temperature and humidity are not controlled.

Removing Stains

Although stains and splatter are inevitable in most homes, it is essential to attend to them as soon as possible. Doing so gives the stain less time to set, which makes it easier to remove. For fresh stains, wipe the affected area with a soft cloth and mild soap water; it is important to use a clean cloth as lint may transfer to the panels.

Alternatively, try using a hair dryer on the highest heat setting and point it at the water mark until the moisture evaporates. If the stains are darker, which is often due to mildew growth, you may need to sand the piece of furniture or wall paneling to remove them.

With a little regular cleaning, decorative panels will stay beautiful and trendy for a long time. Ensure you incorporate a dusting and vacuuming schedule in your household maintenance plan to keep the panels looking their best. This will also prolong their lifespan.

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