Decorative Panels – A Simple Yet Effective Way to Update Your Furniture

Decorative Panels - A Simple Yet Effective Way to Update Your Furniture

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Wall panels are a great way to add visual interest to any space. They come in a variety of designs, materials and colors, and can be customized to suit any style.

Decorative interior wall paneling can be used in any indoor project, from hospitality to office and even gymnasium projects. They offer a number of benefits, from design versatility to outstanding durability.

Easy to Install

If you are looking for a home improvement project that is easy to install, decorative panels are a great option. They are a quick and easy way to update any room without having to deal with the mess and hassle of painting. Plus, they are a lot easier to clean than wallpaper.

You can also use panels in an accent wall to add texture and color to a room. Adding geometric panels to your walls will create a modern look that is cool and stylish. This is a perfect way to liven up a living room or bedroom.

You can easily apply the panels to your wall with a caulk gun. First, arrange the panels and make sure that the cuts line up. Then, number the backs of each panel in a sequence that makes sense from an aesthetic standpoint. Once you have the order figured out, apply the adhesive to each panel. Allow the adhesive to set for 15 minutes before lining up the next panel.

Easy to Clean

Unlike painted walls, decorative panels can withstand regular wear and tear, scratches, marks and other common household spills and stains. This makes them easy to clean and keep their beauty for a long time.

Depending on the material you choose, you may just be able to wipe them down with warm water and a cloth. Alternatively, you can use everyday all-purpose cleaners to remove tougher spills and stains.

If you want to give your home a unique look that is both classic and contemporary, then wood panelling is the perfect option for you. It is available in a variety of colours and textures to suit your taste, and it’s also termite, water, and borer-proof.

In addition to its aesthetics, wood-based decorative laminates are also known as a natural insulator and help reduce your energy costs.


A well-designed decorative panel is an excellent way to add color, texture and depth into a simple space. Moreover, they can also be used as a focal accent to light up the space like never before. They come in a myriad of colors and prints and can even simulate natural textures such as wood or stone.

For example, if you have an old dated wooden panel that is looking dull and drab, you can give it a cool facelift by incorporating zigzag design panels into the room. This will help you elevate the room’s look and also save you from the hassle of replacing the old panel altogether.

Additionally, you can even use a combination of ornate ribbed and portrait wall panels for a bold look. This will add a touch of sophistication to the room and will instantly elevate it to a more luxurious level. You can use a double-sided tape to affix the panels reliably and quickly without damaging the walls.


Decorative panels are a great way to bring in a unique style element into the room without breaking the bank. They can be a stunning focal point for your furniture or a simple accent wall that elevates a space. In fact, you can even find panels that mimic natural textures like stone and wood.

A popular use of wall paneling is in commercial spaces like hotels and retail locations. They add a touch of opulence and class and create a wow factor for customers. They are also a good choice for rooms that need sound-absorbing properties.

You can upgrade your old wooden panels by stenciling them with geometric patterns. You can also replace a portion of the panel with marbles to give it an elegant look. Alternatively, you can use pennies to make your panels sparkle and shine. They are easy to fix and will transform your home into a unique place. You can get different sizes of these panels and a wide range of design options from the market.

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